the world is saved, but not for us, i just finished reading Daybreak by Brian Ralph...

i just finished reading Daybreak by Brian Ralph and i had so many feels at the end so i dumped them into this???

it’s the guy with only one arm (and the dog). i like him with his sweatshirt on

i really like his art style! it’s so simplistic and yet you can get all these textures in with just lines. i tried to imitate it but failed…

i would totally recommend this book if you like zombies and/or surviving in the zombie apocalypse. it does have blood, but sometimes you can’t tell it’s blood?

COMPLETELY UNRELATED: i listened to this while arting, for some reason???

my brain works in weird ways………..„,.„.„..„„„.,.„.,.,.„.

10 July 2012 at 3:35am